Business Consulting

Business Strategy Solutions aid organizations in different phases of their life-cycle; whether the organization is in the Pre-launch phase, the Rapid Growth phase or the Stagnation phase, Ajax comes in, to interfere with all the necessary expert business consultancy services and provide you with best suited Strategy Solutions.

Ajax uses structured engagements over four phases; Assessment phase, Design phase, Implementation phase and Impact Evaluation phase. The Strategy Solutions entail a comprehensive organization assessment to determine the key organizational strengths and development needs.

The key areas of interventions are:

Strategy Consulting

The strategy consulting practice offers a wide range of services, ranging from high-level strategies setting to improving business model and developing detailed action plans. The strategy consulting practice advises businesses on their strategy and performance at all stages during their life cycle.

HR Consulting

With its solid track record in corporate transformations, which usually entails full organization restructuring, Ajax has developed a strong HR consulting practice with a wide range of service offerings, ranging from full-fledged organization design to developing systems policies and procedures. These services include but are not limited to:

Financial Consulting

To complement its strategy consulting offerings especially with its focus on holding companies, portfolio holders and family business, Ajax has developed its financial management consulting practice to offer its clients the tools and offerings they need to better manage their investments, streamline their portfolios and maximize their returns. These services include but are not limited to:

Marketing Consulting

The marketing consulting practice supports businesses in developing marketing strategies and communication plans and helps in implementing these plans and managing marketing campaigns. In line with Ajax focus on business effectiveness, the marketing consulting practice adopts a Non-Agency model offering to help its customers develop effective marketing strategies and plans with special focus on non-traditional media and supporting them in managing implementation through third parties. Marketing consulting services include:

Operations Consulting

The operations consulting practice helps organizations to ensure they have proper business processes that are well optimized and enhance operational efficiency. Ajax complements its strategy consulting offerings which focus on strategic aspects of the business with strong operations consulting offerings focusing on operational excellence and business process efficiency. The offerings of this practice include:

IT Consulting

The IT consulting practice helps organization to ensure they have the proper IT infrastructure, processes and tools needed to enhance operational efficiency and guarantee business continuity.  Ajax also complements its operations consulting offerings with strong IT offerings focusing on bridging the gap between the rapid technology development in IT and increasing complexity of business requirements, to ensure that clients’ IT assets are well aligned with their overall business strategies. The offerings of this practice include:

Process Improvement Consulting

Businesses that have found success share some common traits: they’re flexible and agile, which allow them both to accommodate shifting societal trends and keep customers and employees fulfilled. How have these top performers developed and used process improvement to enhance core processes, solve business challenges and keep customer satisfaction at the forefront?

Managing and reengineering business processes isn’t a straightforward path, but with our strong framework and dedication, all companies can benefit from business process improvement. We can help you on that journey.